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Consignment Boutique on Whidbey
consignment thrift in Freeland

Consignment Agreement



We are very happy to have you consign with us. We will do our best to provide you an excellent store in which to shop and consign.

1. We pay 40% of the sale price in store credit. We split the CC fee of 3% if your item is purchased by CC. We will e-mail you an inventory of your items when we are able to make them available for sale. If you want to pick up unsold items, please mark your calendar 60 days out.

2. Before consigning your items, be sure that if any item is expensive and/or you require a minimum amount from it that you tell us. We keep our prices very reasonable so be sure that you want to part with the item before consigning it!! 

   3) Please clean all clothing (and shoes) before bringing them to Designer Consigner and have items on hangers if they wrinkle easily. Items must be in excellent condition and of newer styling. We want to be able to sell these clothes for you so please have them in the condition that you’d like to buy. 

4. Designer Consigner sets the prices. Generally, the item will stay full price for 30 days, then is marked down by 25% for 20 days, and lastly marked down to 50% off for 10 days.  You may pick up your items anytime you wish, but we may not have time to pull them for you. 

5. After 60 days, any unsold items become the property of Designer Consigner.

6.We will e-mail you when an item sells

7. We will do our best to look after your items but we will not be held responsible for fire, theft or damage. 

8. Item defects are sometimes found at a later date (i.e. after they are on the racks). These items will be donated with no notice given. So please check your items buttons, zippers, hems etc. carefully. Thank you!

P.S. Some consignors choose to take an inventory of the items we have selected before they leave the store. :)